Amazing 15 Secrets Of Eating Bananas Everyday That You Don’t Know

  1. Banana is the main osteoporosis fighter

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Strengthening your bones is one of the most incredible secrets of eating bananas every day. Referring to the book “Healing Foods” by DK Publishing House, potassium in bananas may impede the urinary calcium loss related to a typical diet that is rich in salt.


According to the book notes, bananas’ content of prebiotic compounds help in feeding good which presents in the gut. Most of the time we aren’t interested in gut health, however, a healthy gut may facilitate the increase in the body’s absorption of key nutrients like calcium. As we know calcium is our indicator for healthy bones and teeth.

Several secrets of eating bananas every day support bone health.


A lot of the containing substances in bananas are Foundation Supplements:

  • Vitamin B6: helps in the production of glutathione, the top Antioxidant, which works against oxidative damage to protect bone cells from it.
  • Manganese: plays an important factor in collagen production, which involves synthesizing the bone matrix, additionally production of the antioxidant manganese Superoxide Dismutase (MnSOD) and absorption of calcium.
  • Copper: assisting in building body connective tissue, together with within bones, it works with manganese to produce Superoxide Dismutase compound.
  • vitamin C: has antioxidant properties that help in the protection of your body and your bones from oxidative damage, is important for the synthesis of collagen,(immune booster).
  • potassium: is the most well-known mineral that has a powerful effect to protect bone: Banana is an alkaline food because of it. acidosis occurs when the body’s pH balance becomes too acidic, and also the body responds by quickly leaching alkalizing minerals from bone to reset the imbalance. Potassium works to stop this by providing ways to balance the pH while not eroding at the bone matrix.

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